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Your eyes are one of the most important organs in your body and it is important to protect them. A yearly eye exam can help prevent problems and will treat any eye issues that you have. You will also find out if you need glasses or not. John O Connor is one of the best Auckland optometrists and they have been helping patients see more clearly for 40 years.

You will find a combination of great prices, quality service, and a wide selection of frames when you use John O Connor. You can start with your yearly eye exam. They even offer free eye tests for glasses. You want to plan on getting an eye test once a year.

During your eye test, Auckland optometrists will take down your eye history and write you a prescription for glasses or contact lenses. You will also be evaluated for eye strain and you will receive an eye health assessment. The doctor will also check you for glaucoma and check the pressure in your eyes. After your exam, the eye doctor will go over your results, this is especially helpful if you’re after a family optometrist auckland as the whole family can get tested at the same time!

John O Connor carries a huge selection of eyeglass frames so you are guaranteed to get something that suits your face and your budget. They carry some of the biggest brands and you are always going to find quality frames that are going to make your face look its best. The right frames will play up your best features and look like they just belong on your face.

The professionals at John O Connor will help you choose the right frames and they will give you a great price on them. Looking and seeing great is easy when you have the right pair of glasses. You will also find all the latest contact lens technologies and new types of lenses that will make wearing contacts more comfortable and safe.

Auckland optometrists will ensure that your contacts fit comfortably and that your sight is crystal clear. No matter what you need for your eyes, you can always find what you need with John O Connor. Whether you want designer frames or contacts, they have what you are looking for.

Making an appointment is easy and you won’t have to wait long for your appointment date. If you need an eye exam or you want frames that are more stylish, make an appointment and transform the way you look. The right glasses can have a huge impact on how you look and feel and they are worth the money. When you wear the right glasses you feel confident and secure.

With John O Connor, Auckland optometrists, you are going to end up with quality eyewear that looks amazing. Don’t risk your eyesight by using eyewear that isn’t the best. Treat your eyes to eyewear by John O Connor and enjoy looking great and feeling great too. Your eyes are the window to your soul and you want them to look and feel refreshed and youthful.