6 tips to save money when you travel

Many of us wish we can travel but we don’t have enough money to make it happen. We have to work our behinds and scrounge and save and sometimes, we find that we haven’t saved enough. Getting on a plane and flying to a new country can be very expensive. But with good planning; traveling with little or no money can be very realistic.

Make use of any or all of the following tips to have an enjoyable trip without spending too much money.

  1. Find cheap flights: the cost of an airline ticket can take up a large chunk of your travel expenses. Using tricks like booking months ahead of time and choosing to fly during the week can save you money on flight fare. In order to reduce your flight expenses, try the following tricks and tips:
  • Book at the last minute: Airlines have been known to cut prices when they don’t have enough passengers to fill up their flights. If you intend to travel on Monday morning, doing your booking late at night on Sunday can save you some money.
  • Fly on weekdays: The weekend is normally a busy time to fly, a lot of people are rushing out of the city or country for a quick weekend holiday and so the possibility of scoring any deal is small. Flying on Sundays and Mondays might also not be such a good ideas as you have a lot of people trying to make it back for a new work week. Try Tuesday and Wednesday. These days are usually low traffic days and you might just get some cheaper flights.
  • Book a month in advance: Another good time to book flights is about a month in advance. Around this time, you are very likely to get prices way below the average fares.
  • Search multiple websites: You might need to search as much as 6 websites to get the best deal. Airfares on these websites differ with some offering lower fares than others. Signing up for price alerts is also a good way to get information when flight prices change.

To compare flight fares, you can use any of these resources

It is also a good idea to visit the websites of individual airlines; their fares are sometimes lower than 3rd party websites.

  1. Find cheap accommodation: Accommodation is another of the biggest costs travelers incur and finding ways to reduce that cost can lead to big savings. After finding a cheap flight, finding free or cheap accommodation should be the next item on your list. Fortunately, there a number of ways you can find decent places to stay without paying through the teeth.
  • Hostels: Hostels are definitely way cheaper than hotels. For the traveler looking to save money, staying in a dormitory with anything from 5 to 10 strangers should not pose too much of a problem. Staying in a hostel, apart from the advantage of being cheap, also gives you the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. Not all hostels are dirty and gross as believed, some new hostels are clean and offer most amenities that hotels offer, they even have single rooms and double shares, although these are more expensive than the common dorm. If you are traveling in a group, you can get one if the hostel rooms for your entire group. That way, you don’t have to stay with strangers.
  • Hospitality Exchange: Hospitality Exchange is another great way to save money on accommodation when traveling. Hospitality Exchange not only helps save money, it also gives you the opportunity to interact with the locals and learn a local culture. You get to enjoy true cultural exchange, you learn about the culture and lifestyle of your hosts. Your exchange hosts will offer you the best tips on how to get the cheapest sightseeing and can point you out the best tourists’ attractions. You will also get to enjoy home cooked, local delicacies. This will also help you save money on meals, although it is advisable to share the cost of meals with your exchange hosts.

You can look up hospitality exchanges and other equivalents like:

  • Stay4free
  • Global freeloaders
  • Couchsurfing
  • Short term rentals: This is similar to home exchanges. A short term rental allows you to rent an already furnished apartment on your trip. These apartments are cheaper than hotels and have the advantage of home amenities. You can get short rentals in the USA, Europe, Australia and South Africa. If you are traveling as a couple or just a small group of friends, then this will be a great money saver for you. Short term rentals come with a kitchen, so once you can find your way to the local market or grocery store, you can do your own cooking and reduce food costs.

Look for popular rentals such as:

  1. Travel at night: If you are traveling in between cities, the best way to save money is to travel at night. The fares are cheaper, and you also get to avoid paying for accommodation. You can sleep in the ride.
  2. Use public transport: Most cities around the world have public transportation you can use. Some of these cities have passes or vouchers that can serve you for the whole day or even a week. You will end up spending less than if you used a taxi. Taxis are very expensive and will eat deeply into your budget. If you are staying in one city for a long duration, maybe a few weeks, you can even rent a bicycle for moving about. In Asian and African countries, you can move about on commercial mopeds or rickshaws. This way you save money on transport costs.
  3. Avoid ATMs: Using ATMs in foreign countries can be quite expensive. Whether in malls or airports. The best way is to go to a local bank and look up their exchange rate, and then carry out your transaction.
  4. Travel Insurance: Checkout AMI Insurance for great deals on travel insurance.
    1. Overseas cover. When you’re overseas, you want to know that everything will be taken care of if things go wrong. AMI travel cover includes all the important stuff, like medical and hospital treatment, lost luggage, personal liability and getting you and your family home in an emergency. Annual multi-trip cover
    2. If you travel two or more times a year, annual multi-trip cover can save you time and money. Take it out once and you’re covered for as many trips as you like, for 12 months, over 250 km from home, including domestic travel, up to a maximum number of days per journey.
    3. Visit AMI for more information: AMI Insurance https://www.ami.co.nz/travel-insurance

The next time you plan your trip abroad, consider one or all of these options to help you save on your travel costs. Traveling does not have to be expensive. It should be fun, exciting and an adventure. For more great travel tips check out this travel guide article.



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